Using proven and forward-looking methods to reach your goal

You can leave it to us to find the best possible way to answer your questions

For every puzzle the piece that fits

Using a wide qualitative spectrum to find the best solution

We are completely flexible in our methodology, which means that we are able to utilise the whole range of qualitative Market Research procedures. The main objective is always the specific requirements of our customers.

The type of methodology we use will completely depend on the project definition. This is the only way to be able to develop the ideal data-collection design for the specific and often very complex needs of our customers. At the same time as using a proven and forward-looking approach we can also use a combination of qualitative and quantitive methodology.

From Face to Face

900 Face-to-Face Interviewer make even complex projects possible

IFAK works together with ca. 900 experienced Face-to-Face Interviewers, spread throughout Germany, who have been well-prepared to work with specialized target groups such as doctors, children or migrants. During the field work we lay great value in seamless quality controls and intensive schooling, so that the interviewers can provide excellent quality results.

Some key data from our Face-to-Face projects:

  • Altogether ca. 600.000 interviews annually
  • 300.000 interviews in 1.600 Supermarkets
  • 200.000 interviews with passengers at 15 German airports
  • 55.000 interviews in the Media sector

Your target group on the phone

CATI-projects with our daughter company, rilaton GmbH

rilaton has a modern telephone studio in Taunusstein with 75 CATI (Computer-aided telephone interview) workstations. Around 60.000 interviews with private householders and company decision-makers, as well as political institutions, are carried out for IFAK annually. rilaton works exclusively with permanent, extensively-trained interviewers, utilizing a core group of experienced specialists when conducting telephone interviews for specific target groups.

IFAK’s customers have the significant benefits of the substantial experience and motivation of the Rilaton interviewer team, from the accomplished field managers through to the diligent support of the supervisors.

>> Click here for the rilaton Website

Well-established and indispensable

We will also take on complex online projects for you

Most service providers can cope with simple online studies, but what about more complex projects and combining other data-collection methods?

With the challenge of 10.000 online interviews being conducted in many different countries, in combination with running parallel online communities and ending with a test comprising of 2.000 face-to-face interviews at point-of-sale, many companies will be unable to draw the line.

We will gladly manage complex online projects for you.

Always on und on the go

Mobile interviews are just one  possibility

Mobile interviews are just one of the many options available when using a smartphone for market research! To only use it for mobile interviews would be to lose a great deal of potential. That is why we have developed our own App, in order to fully utilize all the different ways a smartphone can be used.

With GPS tracking we can record routes taken, with the barcode scan we can record QR codes and then simply document shopping habits, an audio diary can be made using the microphone and with the camera we can capture the everyday activities of your target group. Even the use of the smartphone itself, which apps are used and what websites are visited, can all be tracked with our App.