The Deep Dive

Jump into the depths with us to discover the treasures to be found there.

Immerse yourself in the world of the consumer

Heart, curiosity and empathy determine the success of qualitative research.

Passion for qualitative market research and curiosity drive us to penetrate deeper and deeper into the subconscious processes. Empathy is the key to success. We enjoy dealing with new topics and target groups. From this we deduce the 4 commitments of our qualitative work:

  • Openess: We approach projects without prejudice, flexibly and openly.
  • Authenticity: We conduct our research within a framework of life-like research and with unadulterated behaviour.
  • Holistic: We take the birds and detail perspective.
  • Validity: We work inter-subjectively and hermeneutically.

These values are the basis for exceptional consulting services and a partnership with our customers.

The right equipment for every dive

Your question determines the qualitative approach

In order to be able to immerse ourselves in the life worlds of your customers, we rely on both classical methods and innovative approaches.
For special questions we have also developed our own diving tools, which we can adapt to your requirements.

Offline Methods

Classical offline methods are strongly anchored in our qualitative portfolio. Our work includes among others: Group discussions, individual explorations, workshops

Online Methods

Since 2009, we have also been increasingly relying on Market Research Online Communities. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the possibilities of this flexible method.

Diving Tools

For special questions we also provide an extensive repertoire of special qualitative tools. If you want to know more about that tools please do not hesitate to contact us.

Diving Areas

No matter what type of deep dives are needed: we are prepared for the dive.


Needs and motives vary from person to person. To be able to make suitable proposals, you have to understand the hidden wishes of your different target groups. So the main criteria in this diving area are:

  • Needs
  • Need States
  • Barriers
  • Target groups

Products & Services

Research into deep-seated needs is the essential basis for the development of successful products and services. Insights about what your customers really want are the best precaution against high flop rates. We analyze for you:

  • Preferences
  • Product features
  • Brand Fit


Strong brands are a key success factor in turbulent times. Brand management should therefore not be left to chance. We analyse the perception of your brand and its subconscious properties. Topics include the exploration of:

  • Brand essence
  • Brand promise
  • Brand bonding


The opportunities for communicating with customers have increased dramatically. The new challenge is to interlink all the various channels to the customer. The subjects under investigation are:

  • Sources of information
  • Touch Points
  • Campaigns
  • Claims