Identify structures and develop suitable offers

Using intelligent research management to provide targeted solutions for your customers

Intelligent Research Management

as a basis for goal-oriented solutions

IFAK Mobility & Infrastructure stands for intelligent research management. To this end, we continuously invest in innovative solutions to problems, advanced technologies and the further development of proven research instruments. It is also possible to integrate our processes and results into our customers' management systems.

Understanding transportation patterns and developing attractive services

We analyse the needs and habits of customers using air and rail transport as well as local public transport.

Airlines, airport operators and companies active in this sector

We advise airlines, airport operators and companies operating in this sector. One of our main focuses is on conducting studies at airports, such as passenger surveys. For this purpose, almost every airport in Germany has security-certified and trained personnel at its disposal.

Local and long-distance transport companies
Rail transport

We support local and long-distance transport companies in their strategic planning by means of structural analyses, price and customer satisfaction studies, as well as analysing mobility patterns. Via our app Trovinta, passengers can be regularly invited to participate in feedback surveys.

Local transport companies and service providers
Public Transport

We offer transport companies and operators a wide range of market research tools to help them develop an attractive public transport system. At the same time, we always consider the customer's perspective in order to develop specifically tailored solutions (e. g. with the Persona method).

Identifying infrastructure requirements and testing innovative concepts

We assess the status quo and support you in developing and evaluating new offers

Cities, communities, regions

No matter whether it is about tenants' satisfaction or homeowners accepting smart meter offers, we use different methods to research the respective target groups. For example, a temporary online community (MROC) can help improve products and services. One of our core services is the study of rental data, such as in Frankfurt am Main.

Companies in the energy sector

Customer surveys, price analyses, acceptance and development of new services and solutions, these are just a few examples of questions from customers in the energy sector. In a representative study with partners throughout Germany, we are currently investigating the condition of non-residential buildings in terms of energy efficiency and the decision-making processes involved in their modernisation.

Cities, communities, regions
Smart City

The development of a modern and sustainable infrastructure in a city requires innovative concepts, for which we offer the appropriate research solutions. Design thinking, for example, provides a creative method for developing products and services that are relevant to users.

Our team is there for you!

Our team is well trained and has extensive experience in this very specialised industry. Transport academics, business economists and statisticians guarantee you targeted, competent advice.

Heiko Partschefeld

Your personal contact

Heiko Partschefeld has been working in market research for more than 25 years and has been head of our Mobility & Infrastructure division since 1999. With his extensive research experience in this sector, he is constantly looking for the optimal solutions for our customers.

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Heiko Partschfeld
Head of Mobility & Infrastructure
Tel. +49 (0)6128/747-344