Clever research for smart decisions

Understanding people´s behaviour

Market Research from A-Z

60 years of up-to-the-minute service for our customers

  • From the day our company was formed we have seen ourselves as a partnership-orientated Market Research provider, that is ready to adapt to whatever new changes and challenges the market has presented to us. This philosophy has enabled us to fully support our customers and to help them understand all the different needs and requirements of their various target groups.
    From formulating the questions through to implementation – from qualitative to quantitative
    Our service covers Market Research from A-Z. That means we will guide you through the whole of the Market Research process and can give you advice on many of the different collection and analysis methods available.
  • Very good understanding through branch focusing
    To be able to provide the best possible guidance and deliver new concepts, it is important to be able to understand the various requirements of your customer. In order to do this we have focused on 4 branches of industry, so that we are always able to find target-based solutions.
    Complex projects are our strength
    Apart from focusing on particular branches of industry, our greatest strength lies in solving complex tasks. When it comes to extensive methodical Know-How and many-faceted organizational tasks, our competence and experience comes to the fore.

Focused on four branches of industry

For the best possible target-based advice

  • Retail, FMCG, Non-Food, Services
    Consumer & Customer
  • RX, OTC, Medical products
    Health & Pharma
  • Print, TV, Radio, Communication
    Media & Communication
  • Air/Train/Bus Transport, Buildings, Energy, Smart City
    Mobility & Infrastructure

Some facts about IFAK

Traditional middle-sized company

  • Founded in 1958
  • Full-Service Market Research Institute
  • 75 full-time employees
  • 10,1 Mio. Euro turnover in 2016
  • 200 Projects in 2016

Interviews in 2016

  • 600.000 Face-to-Face Interviews
  • 60.000 CATI-Interviews
  • 40.000 Online-Interviews
  • 60 Group discussions

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