Market research as diverse and rich as life itself!

We provide you with all research topics, industries, target groups and all methods under one roof. Find out for yourself!

Health & pharma research

From transplant surgeons to hemophilia patients – complex individual questions, even in the event of very specific target groups, are in good hands with us.

Public transportation research

We analyze the needs and behaviors of air, rail and local public transportation customers.

Print research

Whether it’s reach, user structures or user behavior – we investigate the readership for numerous publications from different industries, using methods that are ideally tailored to the respective target group.

Touchpoint research

We investigate the moment of truth of your customers. No matter whether it’s in an online shop, brick-and-mortar store or your specific touchpoints, we have the methods to capture your customers’ needs.

Radio research

We are proud of the fact that we have been able to assist numerous radio stations in the German-speaking countries in optimizing their radio stations with our research.

We are IFAK

As a full-service market research institute, we specialize in customized solutions that provide you with the necessary basis for all your business decisions. 

IFAK supports you by researching and understanding the behavior and needs of your target groups any time you need it. Our custom-fit research designs offer you the foundation to make successful decisions.

… and what we do.

Our range of services covers the entire spectrum of market research from A-Z, and we guide you through the entire market research process. We have access to all methods of data collection and analysis, enabling us to consistently offer you the right solution for the questions and challenges you want to research.


For you, our customers, we will always go the extra mile!


Our experience with practically every target group, research topic and

method based on more than 60 years of market research will pay off for you. We will find your solution!


Using our own CATI and face-to-face facilities combined with selected partners puts us in a position to offer you the right survey method, even for large samples. Our custom-fit research approaches guarantee valuable research insights.


We believe in direct decision-making channels, swift increases in capacity, and rapid delivery of results. This enables us to take on additional projects at very short notice.


Close coordination with our customers is essential. Regular communication is the only way to ensure the project runs efficiently and the results are smoothly integrated into your business.


Market research is our passion. For us, this means: We are enthusiastic about your research topic and your project; we look forward to shedding light on your target groups. Your success and your satisfaction are our mission.

Target groups

We have experience with and access to a wide variety of target groups, enabling us to find special target groups and interview them successfully.

We asked you for an interview?

Our specializations

Find out about our research specializations.

Research topics

Market media studies, mobility research, customer XP …

Target groups

Decision makers, children, consumers,

media users, HCP

Industries & sectors

Media, FMCG, retail, travel, transportation, pharma


qualitativ, quantitativ, online, offline


A staff of 50

Our team is strong and dedicated, and truly passionate about managing your projects.

Work can be fun

As a medium-sized company, our hierarchies are flat, we have a friendly and familiar working environment, and we live and breathe respect and acknowledgement as our principles.

Work-life balance

At IFAK, we benefit immensely from flexible working hours, our generous vacation policy, the compensation of overtime with time off and our variety of working models.

Our trainees

We really enjoy serving as vocational trainers. For decades, we have been training young people in various professions and guiding them closely through their first steps on the job. And we offer quite a few of them a future at IFAK.

Proportion of women

60 percent of IFAK’s team is female. Women are represented especially in management positions to a disproportionately high extent.

Professional backgrounds

Here at IFAK, we have staff members from very different fields, including IT and EDP, business administration, psychology, sociology, communication, mathematics and geography.

Sustainability at IFAK

Conserving resources

Responsible use of finite resources is an important issue for us. To avoid consuming more than necessary when it comes to resources like electricity, water and gas, we worked together as a team to develop a code of conduct for sustainable use.  


At IFAK, recycling doesn’t just mean using waste intelligently, as compost for example, it also means preventing waste from being generated in the first place. For instance, we are using more and more refillable office supplies like pens and cleaning products, and we opted to consume filtered tap water instead of water in plastic bottles.


Sustainability is not only an indoor thing at IFAK. Outdoors, we focus on biodiversity with activities including planting wildflower strips, setting up nesting sites for birds, and winter feeding.


Thanks to our photovoltaic system on the roof of our company building, we produce a large part of our own electricity. We are less dependent on our electricity provider, and we produce and use our own renewable electricity.

Facts about IFAK

At a glance

  • Founded in 1958
  • Full-service institute
  • 50 permanent employees
  • all disciplines
  • 7,5 million turnover in 2021
  • 120 projects in 2021
  • Top 20 market research institute

Our memberships in associations and federations

ADM (Mitgliedsinstitut)
(Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e.V., Berlin)
BVM (korporatives Mitglied)
(Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V., Berlin)
ESOMAR (Personal Membership)
(Personal membership of Martina Winicker im European Society for Opinion and Market Research, Amsterdam )
EphMrA (Associate Member)
(Dr. Ulrike Dulinski European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association, Basel)

Our partnerships

Experience the benefits of our good connections

Cooperation with rilaton for ideal processes in CATI studies

Our in-house CATI studio, rilaton GmbH, enables the project management teams to work closely and efficiently with the specially trained interviewers

at rilaton.

Cooperation with TeleMatrix for an even greater impact when it comes to CATI

TeleMatrix GmbH is an internationally positioned telephone studio in Mainz. The interviewers therefore have a high level of foreign language competence.

Cooperation with Winicker Norimed specialized in clinical trials

Winicker Norimed specializes in clinical trials and non-interventional studies for drug, nutritional supplement and medical device companies.

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